by admin on July 19, 2013


barsHow do you find the websites you visit or for information? You probably use one of the three prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Whatever you use, they all operate using one simple principle: the better optimized a web page is, the higher it will appear on the list of websites a search engine provides when you go searching.

Simply put: the better optimized your website, the more visitors you will have.

For online businesses, this traffic is big. Whether your intentions are for them to buy a product or service right then or sign up to receive further marketing communications from you.

Either way you “capture” them in a great time in the purchase cycle: the time they’re actually interested in a certain type of product or service and, maybe, ready to buy.

Also, these visitors are much more valuable to your business in the long-term because they’ve found your site in an “organic” way. They were searching something on Google or another search engine, found your site, and visited hoping to find relevant products and content. When they do, they’re thrilled and much more likely to buy.

In order for your website to place high in a search engines ranking, it needs to be optimized for keywords related to your niche. And what I mean by optimized is that it is very attractive to the “spiders” that search engines send out regularly to find the most relevant content for searchers. Not only do the keywords matter but also the content on your website itself. This information has to be relevant to the business you are running. You can’t have recipes for a great meatloaf on your site if you are selling pet products. This affects ranking with the search engines.

You do this through a process called search engine optimization. That’s SEO, for short.

We can provide the SEO for your site. We will do what is necessary to have your site seen to as many spiders as possible and to potential visitors.

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